About us

The best traditional Hungarian fast food restaurant in Budapest. Want to get to know us? Scroll down to read our story!

Hungarian flavors

Those of you who love the traditional Hungarian savors can now enjoy the taste of a Hungarian home in a shape of a quick but delicious meal.

Quality ingredients

We are proud that all of our ingredients come from primary producers.

Constantly renewed menu

When putting together our menu, we make sure that besides your old time favorites you can also enjoy some new flavors.

Our story

We are all lovers of the Hungarian kitchen, lovers of the taste of home that warms all hearts. Dishes from the Hungarian cuisine don’t end with chicken-paprika and fish soup. Not many know the wonderful flavors of our home, that we are so keen to show everyone in a stylish place for reasonable prices but also without the uncomfortable long waits.

Our concept in creating A-Pecsenyés restaurant was exactly what you are most likely to agree with: too little time and so much to do. There is not enough time to sit and wait in restaurants for hours each and every day.

The aim of A-Pecsenyés is to give access to the well-known atmosphere of a fast food place to those that prefer the Hungarian cuisine. Therefore, we do our best to provide you with quick service, meals made only using local ingredients, all in a pleasant atmosphere where you can just hop in between meetings, in your lunch break or whenever you’re on the road wishing to have something that takes you right back home – even for a few minutes.

We do believe that it is our destiny to sustain and enhance the wonderful world of the Hungarian cuisine.

Our dishes

Come and visit us, see what we’ve created!

1052 Budapest, Sas utca 25.

+36 1 610 0645